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I have never created an account but I keep getting this message “You already have a Sports Signup login. If you cannot remember your password, click 'Reset Password'”?   If your daughter has registered as a player in FCFA in the past you may have an existing account with Sports Signup. Please enter your email and click on “Reset Password”

When Can I register my player in person?  FCFA will no longer be conducting live or in person registrations. You must register your daughter online no later than the date indicated under registration. 

What if I don’t have a credit card/debit card?  You can use a visa or master gift card as long as the gift card has an expiration date. These cards can be purchased at most major stores such as Safeway, Target or Walmart. 

How does the Payment Plan Work?  You will pay a down payment and two additional automatic payments on the 17th of each month.  The cost for this feature is an additional $0.20 per transaction.

When do we find out what team our player is on?  You should know by April 1st what team your player has been assigned to. Do not contact the league asking about assignment or team placement prior to April 1st as teams are being built and adjustments made as registrations come in.  Once players and teams are established, you will receive a phone call, text or email. (Be sure to enable your text and email alerts when registering your player.)

How long is the season? FCFA softball season runs from April 1st to June/July depending on age group.  Games and practices vary depending on individual teams and volunteer coaches’ schedules.   

What does my player registration payment go towards?  Player registration payment goes towards league operations costs such as umpires, field usage, score keepers and insurance. 

What does the “U” stand for after each division number?  The “U” behind each division number stands for “under”. For example, 8U means this division is for girls age 8 and under. FCFA rules state that team age groups are based upon the player's age before January 1 of the seasonal year. Players attaining the limiting age for any age group after January 1st will be eligible to play on that team for the remainder of the season.

What if I want to coach?  FCFA is always looking for volunteers for coaching and the board.  If you are interested in becoming a coach please contact the division VP. This information can be found on the website under Board Members. In most cases, if you have at least 6 girls wanting to play for you FCFA will be able to fill a roster/team.

Does FCFA Provide teams with equipment? FCFA provides T-Ball, 7U & 8u teams only with balls, bats, catcher’s equipment and uniform t-shirts for coaches and players.  Coaches and parents are responsible for all other expenses such as pants, background checks, team fees and tournament entry fees.  (All upper divisions 10,12,14,16 and 18U must supply their team with needed equipment)

How much is the FCFA Team Registration?  Each team must pay a seasonal team registration fee. This $250.00 registration fee goes towards league operation costs such as umpires, field usage, score keepers and insurance.  Each coach and parent is responsible for individual team fundraising for uniforms, equipment and any additional tournament entries. 

When is my $250.00 Team Registration Fee Due? Due on or before the teams first game

How do teams schedule practice times and fields? Aztec, Bloomfield and Kirtland teams must get in contact with the designated area reps to set up practice times and fields.  Farmington coaches will send an email to  NO practice field will be scheduled until your team has paid the $250.00 registration fee.  

When do game schedules come out?  Once teams and player registration closes, FCFA can then begin working on game schedules. The league’s goal is to have the schedules activated and posted to the website no later than Opening Ceremonies. 

Who needs a background check?  Anyone who has care, custody and/or control of youth participants in any program or activity. This condition applies to programs or activities sponsored by the Four Corners Fastpitch Association. The background check must be completed prior to any personal involvement with the children. This includes all coaches, team volunteers, Officers, Board Members and Sports Commissioners with Youth Organizations that participate in FCFA-sponsored leagues as well as all Board of Director’s of Coaches Associations affiliated with Four Corners Fastpitch Association sponsored youth sports. 

How much is the background check?  Each background check is $15.00 and is good for one season expiring on the last day of the FCFA season. 

How do I complete my background check?  TBD

How do I know if my background check passes?  TBD 

My Question cannot be found under FAQ’s?  Please send an email Please be sure to list your age division and name in the subject line so that your question can be properly assigned. FCFA will do its best to address your question within 48-72 hours. 

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